A & M University

Marius Schamschula, Ph.D.


Research Interests:

Compact Optical Systems
Image Processing
Optical Database Management
Optical Information Processing
Optical Interconnections
Optical Pattern Recognition
Optical Remote Strain Measurement
Optical Time Delays
Panoramic Lenses
Parallel Genetic Algorithms
Photorefractive Wave-Mixing and Phase Conjugation
Pulse Coupled Neural Networks (Image Segmentation, Processing, and Sensor Fusion)
Remote Sensing and Soil Hydrology
Scientific Visualization
Space Weather

Complete List of Publications

Things Computer:

MacPorts for Mac OS X
The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group (HMUG)

Things AAMU:

AAMU Spring 2009 Graduation

Other Interests:

Model Railroading
Sailing / Team Spindrift
Wheeler Yacht Club
Alabama Weather
North Alabama Windsurfing Launch Sites

Random Web Sites:

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Space Calendar
The Cartoon Laws of Physics
Marius Hills (On the Moon)
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Redstone Scientific Information Center
San Diego State Physics Department Electro-Optics Program
UAH Library Catalog
UAH Department of Physics
Optics at Alabama A & M University
Center for Applied Optics (UAH)
Center for Hydrology, Soil Climatology and Remote Sensing
Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling
Otto Schamschula, my late uncle, not a physics person (in German)
Walter Schamschula, my father, not a physics person, either...


Tel: (256) 372 - 8226
Fax: (256) 372 - 5622

e-mail: marius [at] physics [dot] aamu [dot] edu

s-mail: Alabama A & M University Department of Physics P.O. Box 1268 Normal, AL 35762